Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/10

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A friend posted this saying on FaceBook, Lord,
and I immediately thought of another friend,
one whose "rough patch" has lasted too long,
so long that it's grown from a patch to a field...

Accepting what is
is often difficult, Lord, but there's no other way
to face the reality of one's life -
any other way is make-believe...

Letting go what was
is hard, too, Lord, but the simple truth is this:
what was, was - and now, it's history
and no matter how tightly we hang on to the past
it will never become the present...

And believing in what will be -
well, that's our best option, Lord,
certainly the only one worth our time,
our attention and our energy...

So, Lord, be with my friend,
the one in that field of rough patches,
and be with all of us who need to learn
to accept what is,
to let go what was
and to believe, to trust, to hope in
and to plan
for what will be...



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