Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/9

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I visit a friend in prison, Lord:
he's the incarcerated one
and I'm, well I'm considered the free man
- but every time I visit
I learn so much from him
about patience
and acceptance
and guts
and endurance
and serenity
and self-control 
and wisdom
and grace...

He teaches me in subtle ways
- how to live peaceably in a less than peaceful world,
- how to gain respect by simply being true
   to one's self and one's word
- and how to live one day, one hour at a time...

He reveals to me in his stories
- how to keep a sense of humor
   when there's little to laugh at
- how to make the most of what you have
   regardless of how little that might be
- and how to depend on your help, Lord,
   when at times it seems you've disappeared...

My friend in prison is free in so many ways, Lord
   - in some ways, freer than I...

My friend in prison has long days and long nights
   but he never fails to trust
      in tomorrow and its promise...

My friend in prison tells me
   how much he appreciates my visits:
I hope he understands how much I value
   the opportunity to visit him...

So I pray you'll be with my brother, Lord,
   and preserve the freedom in his heart
      until the day he walks out free...

And set me free, too, Lord,
   set free the "free man"
      of whatever imprisons his heart and soul,
   set me free now, in your love...



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