Do you want one of these Crosses?

The cross of ashes traced on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday next week will soon be brushed off or washed away.  As a way of keeping that cross with us through the season, my parish offers a pocket Cross every year with an inscription meant to be a starter for daily prayer.  The year's inscription is simple:   

JESUS, touch my life TODAY!

1) Touch my life,
          where I've been praying for your mercy, healing and counsel...

2) Touch my life, Lord,
          in the ways I stand most in need of your grace...

3) Touch my life, Lord,
          in new and surprising ways...

If you'd like to have one of this year's pocket Crosses
     please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: 

Fr. Austin Fleming 
P.O. Box 220 
Concord, MA  01742  

(There is no charge, please do not send money.  If you want to make an offering, please send a donation to the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation through their webpage here.


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