Pocket Prayer for MONDAY 3/25

Gronk's retiring, Lord!

Retiring after two vertebral disc hernias,
a high ankle sprain, an inguinal hip pull,
three forearm fractures, a back vertebral fracture,
three concussions, two torn ACLs, a torn MCL,
a knee strain, a hamstring pull, a chest lung bruise,
a leg thigh bruise, three back surgeries, a bulging disc,
and tendonitis in his Achilles
- and all this "among other ailments"...

Some fans are complaining, Lord,
bemoaning his decision, 
and I have to wonder
what do they expect of one man?

Seems to me the Gronk finally came to his senses,
(after counting up his millions)
- or perhaps you touched his life, Lord,
and knocked a little self-preserving sense
into his thrice concussed brain
and his bruised and banged up body...

Well, I'm no superstar athlete
and all my bones are intact, Lord,
but I'm sure there any number of ways
you'd like to knock a little self-preserving sense
in my often foolish mind and thoughts and deeds...

So if that's how you need to touch my life today, Lord,
step right in give me a good dose of your wisdom and counsel,
along with the gifts of knowledge and understanding...

If need be, stop me in my tracks, Lord,
turn my life around
and help me leave behind
whatever breaks me down,
tears me apart or injures my integrity...

touch my life today
- however you see fit!


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