Monday Morning Offering: 8/12

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

This morning, Lord,
I offer you a prayer that groans within my gut,
searching for its voice, longing for some words
to help it come to speech...

I offer you a prayer that haunts my heart,
seeking respite in that harbor
where hope drops anchor, finds a berth
and puts in for the night...

I offer you the prayer
sitting on the tip of my tongue
but for which I find no words worthy,
none equal to the task
of speaking all my heart would say...

I offer you the prayer I think is foolish,
the plea that I deem selfish,
the prayer I think too small to matter
or too great to dare to offer...

I offer you my hidden prayer,
the one I failed to speak
when in my anger I kept silent
even though I had the words...

I offer you the secret prayer
embedded long ago, waiting still
to break the lonely silence
that doubt and fear impose...

I offer you the prayer that sleeps within,
waiting to be wakened, spoken, cried
and shouted from my heart
in hope of reaching yours...

When all I have to say is,
"Lord, I have no words to pray..."
help me trust you welcome such a prayer
and understand my heartfelt silence...

Help me, Lord, to know
that trusting that you've heard my prayer
is greater than your answering
as I would have you answer...

Teach my heart to speak to yours
and help my heart to hear,
to know and understand
what your heart speaks to mine...

Lord, teach me how to pray
when I have all the words to say
and teach me how to pray
- when I have none...


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