Monday Morning Offering: 1/27

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Here I am, Lord,
at the beginning of a new week
and like every other week,
this one's a gift from you:
   a clean slate,
   a fresh start,
   a present to be opened,
   an opportunity to be taken,
   a chance to start again,
   a mystery to be lived...

As it is in every week, Lord,
the days ahead invite me to:
   grow in faith,
   trust with hope,
   live in your love,
   share myself freely,
   speak the truth,
   make the good choice,
   do the right thing
   and serve my neighbor
      with a generous heart...

As in every other week, Lord,
you offer to:
   walk by my side,
   shelter my heart,
   guide me with wisdom,
   enlighten my thoughts,
   strengthen my resolve,
   help carry my burdens,
   and forgive my sins...

As in every other week, Lord,
I can choose:
   to waste what you so generously give
   or accept, delight in and share
      the gifts you offer me...

So this Monday morning
   at the beginning of a new week,
I offer you myself, Lord,
I offer to open
   my heart to your love,
   my mind to your wisdom,
   my thoughts to your truth,
   my soul to your mercy,
   and my hands to serve others in need...

As always, Lord,
the week ahead is your gift to me:
   help me live it faithful to your word
   and may I come to its end in your peace,
   having lived it with you by my side...



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