Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/10

I don't believe you tweak the weather on a whim, Lord,
so my only explanation for yesterday's glorious warmth is
- divine intervention...

I went for a walk dressed in sweat pants, a polo and t-shirt,
yet with every step in the sunshine
I felt more and more naked,
exposed to the elements:
not just my face and bare arms, Lord,
but all of me, inside and out, awash in warmth
come not too soon but just in time
to bless and anoint my soul with your touch...

Oh, it's early I know
(and winter's not done with its cold and snow)
but for one fine day you walked with me, Lord,
with promise of change and hope, sweet hope,
that all shall be warm and all shall be well,
and springtime is on its way...



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