NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 5/18

They're talking about "opening up" the state, Lord,
phase by phase, step by step, bit by bit...

Some think the lockdown's been too long,
others think it's still not safe to reopen...

Reopening...  0pening up...

Help me recall tonight, Lord, 
all the ways this stay-at-home time
has opened me up to blessings
I might otherwise totally missed:
the blessing of being stopped in my tracks
to see and hear and experience my life
apart from the usual hustle and bustle...

the blessing of having the time to do
so many things I've wanted to do
- whether I got around to doing them or not...

the blessing of revisiting my relationships:
with you, with prayer, with the church,
with family, with friends, with neighbors,
with work, with school, with leisure,
with the world, my community and my self...

the blessing of being humbled by something so tiny 
- I can't see it,
something with the power to change my life,
the power to change my ways,
something with the power to take my life...

the blessing of being grateful 
for so many people and so much I've taken for granted, 
people and gifts so important to my life,
for my welfare, my freedom, my happiness and my joy...
All these things have opened for me, Lord,
in this time when the closing of some doors
has opened so many others...

Keep me mindful, Lord, keep me open 
to all you've opened for me
and help me, with your grace, 
never to close those doors again...


He Who Began A Good Work in You by Steve Green


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