NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 7/14

Had some business I needed to transact today
with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles...

Turns out, Lord, many RMVs are closed because of the virus
and where  their offices are still open, you can't just walk in off the street
- now you need to make an appointment -
and you can only make an appointment online
- on one of the clumsiest e-forms I've ever filled out...

Finally made an appointment, Lord: 
the first available
on JULY 28 
at an RMV 90 miles from where I live... 

All this was in my craw 
as I sat down to write this prayer, Lord,
and I thought: How very different it is with you...

When I need you, when I want you, when I need your help 
- when you and I have business to transact -
all I have to do is call your name - no, not even that -
all I need do is to ever so slightly turn heart towards you
- and you are there:
      patiently present,
      waiting and ready to listen, 
      to help me, to lift me up, 
      to heal me and mend me,
      no questions asked, no forms to fill out,
      no appointment needed, walk-ins welcomed!

You're always there for me, Lord,
as if I alone were the last one on earth 
and you had all the time in the world
just for me...  and you do...  just for me...

I never have to wait - you're expecting me;

no appointment is needed so I'm never late;
I'm always welcome, day or night,
you always have some time for me... 

What a fool am I, Lord, to sometimes forget this!
When I try to make it all on my own,
when I think you're too busy or just don't care,
when I think it's too late and I give up hope,
when it slips my mind, my heart and soul
that you're  always there for me: 24/7/365...

(And as long as we're talking,
as we are right now, Lord, let me tell you 
'bout my troubles with the RMV!)

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me when I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in his peace...


You Are Near by Dan Schutte


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