NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 8/30

It was a beautiful day, Lord!
   75º  with plenty of sunshine and gentle breezes
   - and no humidity!

Our live stream mass went well this morning
   and the feedback has been great...

A truly beautiful Sabbath:
   as close to a perfect day as I might imagine!

Well, at least in my world...

Even as I rejoice in this day's beauty, Lord
   I'm thinking of others for whom this day 
      wasn't so great...

I'm thinking of, I'm praying for:
   folks fighting the virus,
   families with big bills and no pay check,
   those burdened by worry, anxiety and fear,
   people who lost a loved one today,
   the heartache in broken families,
   anyone who was abused today,
   the poor and the homeless,
   the lonely and the forgotten...

I'm praying for others 

   for whom good weather is a small consideration
given all that's on their plate, 
   in their hearts and on their minds...

I'm no less grateful for my fine day, Lord,
   'twas a gift and blessing for sure,
but now I pray tomorrow might bring
   to those in pain and those in need,
a share of grace to lift their spirits
   and turn their hearts to you...

I pray tonight for those who long for you, Lord,
   who long to know you,
   who long to see your face,
   who long for your help and your grace,
   who long to rest in your arms and in your peace...

But for now, Lord:
protect us all while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


As The Deer Longs by Bob Hurd


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