NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 9/20

At the end of yet another day, Lord,
I find myself looking back on the past 24 hours
and needing to catch up on so many things...

I need to catch up 
on the time I failed to give to prayer today,
the time I failed to find for you and me
to sit and talk or just be quiet together...

I need to catch up 
on opportunities I missed
to serve someone in need
or to welcome the help of someone 
reaching out to me...

I need to catch up 
on things I missed or let go by
because I was in a hurry,
too busy to notice or reach out to...

I need to catch up
on taking care of myself
in a balanced, healthy way...

I need to catch up
with what's new in the world,
what's harming, what's helping my neighbors
all around the globe...

I need to catch up, Lord,
with your plan for me,
your word for me,
your love for me...

I'm grateful, Lord,
that no matter how late I am,
how far I fall behind,
how much I need to catch up:
you're always there, waiting for me
ready to welcome me back,
always ready to catch up with me...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm catching up
and watch over me when I'm fast asleep
that awake, I might keep watch for you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

O Beauty, Ever Ancient by Roc O'Connor




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