Monday Morning Offering 9/21

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God! 
This morning I offer you
my mind, my thoughts,
my dreams. my imagination,
my heart and my soul...
I offer these, Lord,
praying you'll air them out,
sweep them clean,
and scrub them 'til they shine...
I need a fall cleaning, Lord,
a power cleaning,
way down deep, in places
I can't see or reach or touch...
My insides need an
organizing, rearranging,
trash removing make-over:
a renovating restoration,
a revamping transformation,
a taming and reclaiming of my spirit
by your word, your truth, your grace...

I open and offer myself to you, Lord:
come in and do what must be done
but please, I pray, be gentle 
as I learn to live again, 
my soul cleansed and refreshed 
by the Spirit of your peace...



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