NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 10/2

What's goin' on, Lord?
The last week or so I've heard from so many folks
who are having a tough time of it,
facing an uphill battle,
meeting heartache around every corner,
struggling to keep the faith 
- just when faith is so important...
Sure, some of it's pandemic,
some of it's political
some of it's just 2020!
But in all of it, Lord, we need your help,
we need your grace, 
we need your reassurance...

We need your word to help us find and keep
what's true, what's real, what heals...

We need your grace to give us strength
when we feel weak and ineffective...
We need your Spirit for a jump-start
when our energy is low...

We need a barrel full of hope
to see us through these troubled days...

We need to learn to help each other
and to welcome others' help...

We need to count on you for everything
when it seems that all is gone...

We need to trust all shall be well
when it appears that nothing is...
We need a time-out, break, a respite
from all that's going on...
We need a pause, a stay, a breather
to recover and regroup...
We need to let go and let you, Lord,
be our strength, our hope, our peace...

So be with us, Lord, while we're awake,
be with us as we sleep
that awake we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


(Well, I think the best song to close with tonight
is an old favorite that has helped many of us
make our way through troubled times...)
Be With Me, Lord by Marty Haugen

Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble,
     be with me, Lord, I pray!

You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord most high,
who abide in the shadow of our God,
say to the Lord,  "My refuge and fortress,
the God in whom I trust!"

No evil shall befall you, no pain come near,
for the angels stand close by your side
guarding you always and bearing you gently,
watching over your life.

Those who cling to the Lord live secure in God's love
lifted high those who trust in God's name
Call on the Lord who will never forsake you,
God will bring you salvation and joy.






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