NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 10/28


I voted today, Lord.

With a green pen marked Official Voting Pen,
I filled in a circle with green ink
and cast my vote for... 

 Well, you and I know who I voted for
and you know I voted even though neither ticket
had captured my heart's full support...

As prudently as I knew how, then, Lord,
I voted for what integrity I could discern,
for truth amid the lies,
for respect over reproach,
for facts over boiler plate,
for knowledge over rhetoric,
for achievable goals over empty promises,
for common sense ideology,
for wisdom over chicanery,
for values over prosperity
and for your word over ours...
I hope and pray my small green mark
will make a difference, Lord,
and that the candidate we elect
will make a difference, for the good,
for us and for our world...
Whether we're awake or asleep,
protect our nation, Lord,
that awake, we might keep watch for you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
(Tonight's music sings the wisdom I pray was mine
when I cast my vote today...) 



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