Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/17

They're all around me, Lord!
They're everywhere!

Good people, fine people: all around me:
folks who care for others, selflessly,
with not a hint of complaint,
no expectation of reward...

So many good people, Lord:
folks who work behind the scenes, 
who do the tasks that others won't,
who find their greatest joy in giving...

Good people, Lord:
already busy with their own
and yet they find the time
to reach to those in need...

Generous people, Lord,
whose very presence is a gift
and makes a difference
- long after they've gone home...

They're all around me, Lord -
good people everywhere -
and I'm grateful just to know them
and for all they give and do...

So, open my heart today, Lord
and help me be a helper;
open my eyes to those in need
and make of me a ready, cheerful giver...

They're all around me, Lord!
They're everywhere -
and for this I give you thanks and praise!



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