NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 11/14

Feeling a bit wistful this evening, Lord,
just about halfway through November...

I know I'm halfway through this month
and I'm more or less halfway 
through so many other things
whose end I just don't know..
Are we more or less halfway 
   to the end of the pandemic?
More or less halfway 
   toward the goal of worldwide peace? 
More or less halfway to 
   food on every table,
   a roof over every head, 
   health care for all the sick?
More or less halfway
   until you come again, Lord?
I know I'm more than halfway 
   to the end of my days
      but how much more? 
I shall not even guess...

You, Lord, know all the answers:
   you know the alpha and omega,
      the beginning and the end
         of all things under the sun:
   you know the half-life of all creation
       - but you're not telling!

You know every halfway point there is 
   while we're left to settle for marking days and weeks 
      on our monthly calendars.
Only you can have access
   to the almanac of years...
Then give me patience, Lord:
   patience with what is,
      patience with my past
         patience with what lies ahead
   and patience with not knowing
      how much more or less the future holds...

Just that I know you today, Lord,
   that, indeed, you chose to share this day with me,
      that you'll see me through the night ahead:
such mystery is enough for me to ponder:
   what's yet unknown I'll trust into your hands...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
(Tonight's music is a wistful piece for piccolo and piano, perfectly titled, November Song.)
November Song



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