Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/14

Photo by Ruth Hamilton

My sister took this picture yesterday where just the week before the temperature was 2˚ and 6 inches of snow covered the trail around Georgetown Lake in Colorado...
There's no end to your surprises, Lord! 
I never know just what you're doing:
   under the snow when it's freezing cold,
      behind the scenes when times are tough,
   in secret ways unknown to me,
      in the touch of your presence when I'm all alone,
   through the mist of grief when all seems lost,
      under cover of night as the crescent wanes,
   in the healing that comes before I'm well,
      in times of doubt when faith is scarce, 
   just out of sight when I'm not looking,
      as morning breaks before I wake,
   through my highs and lows, my sorrows and joys,
      so deep in my heart I'm unaware,
   beyond my ken at least for now...
 Like those tiny blooms along the trail,
   survivors of chill and frost and snow:
      there's no end to your surprises, Lord!

Surprise me today, Lord
   - I know you will!
And surprise my friends, Lord 
   - I know you will!

And surprise those
   who most need to be surprised, Lord
      - as I know you will!
And one more thing...
Surprise me, Lord, in surprising ways
   and don't let me miss a moment
of all the surprises you have in store
   to touch and bless and heal and love me:
      surprise me, Lord - today!




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