Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/29

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Still receiving positive feedback on the liturgy and homily for Holy Family Sunday so I thought I'd post a follow-up prayer in that spirit...

We pray for all families, Lord 
- for all kinds of families -
on this feast of the Holy Family...

We pray for families of origin, 
for nuclear families,  
for extended families,
for blended families,
for biracial families,  
for small families,
for big families,
for our nation's family,
for the global family,
for the human family,
for the Church family, 
for refugee families,
for migrant families,     
for parish families, 
for troubled families, 
for happy families, 
for grieving families,  
for broken families, 
for struggling families, 
for poor families, 
for homeless families,  
for families with two parents, 
for families with one parent, 
for families with gay or lesbian parents, 
for divorced families, 
for separated families,
for adoptive families, 
for foster families,  
for families of faith,
for inter-faith families, 
for families of no declared faith, 
for expectant families,
for new families,
for old families,
for growing families,
for close families, 
for distant families, 
for families next door, 
for families with only
   one living member left 
- for his family, 
- for her family,
and we pray, Lord, 
for the human family...

Hold us, help us and heal us, Lord,
until we're one family,
brothers and sisters all,
children of one Father,
one in spirit, one in faith,
one in hope and one in love...




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