Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/14

I've missed you!
We hear that a lot, Lord,
in these pandemic days of lock-down
and quarantine and social distancing
- and it's nice to hear those words!
It's comforting to know we're missed,
that we make a difference,
that our presence counts,
that our absence leaves a void,
that others wait for our return,
our being around, our being near
- that others miss our being with them...
There's a lot of things folks say
that make us feel good, Lord:
   I’ve missed you!
   Anything I can do to help?
   Of course I understand...
   Yes, I forgive you.
   I love you!
And all of these are words you say Lord,
to all of us - all the time!

In fact, 
you never stop saying just those things to us
precisely because
   we wander away,
   we need a lot of help,
   we wonder if anybody "gets" us,
   we need your mercy
   and without your love - we're lost...

For all you say, Lord, all the time,
we give you thanks and praise...

Open our ears, our minds and our hearts
and don't let us miss a single word of love
you speak to us all day long and through the night...



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