NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 2/22

(I'm not facing any big decisions in my life at the moment but a good friend is dealing with one right now and so I wrote this prayer for him.  All of us here in our virtual chapel make decisions every day, large and small: perhaps you'll find this prayer helpful for yourselves or for someone you know...)

I have a big decision to make, Lord 
and I need your help…
Open my mind and my eyes
to see all sides as objectively as I can,
to weigh the pros and cons fairly
and to see with your wisdom
the way I should go…
Open my ears, Lord,
to listen with attentive discernment
to the advice others are offering me…
Open my imagination, Lord,
not to awfulize one choice or another
but to play out the best
of all possibilities…
Open my heart, Lord,
my inner sense of things,
my intuition,
to discover where your Spirit leads me
and to make the choice 
you'd have me make…
If this were an easy decision to make
I wouldn't be praying about it, Lord,
but it's not easy, it's hard,
it's complicated 
and its implications are serious 
and long-lasting...
So I pray for the courage, Lord,
to make my decision with hope,
with trust in you and with confidence
that you'll walk with me always
on whatever path I choose...
Protect me, Lord, while I toss and turn
and through the night while I'm asleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Hymn of the Holy Spirit by Pat Barrett
Holy Spirit, guide my vision 
Help me see the way You see 
Always Jesus, ever Jesus 
Christ in all as Christ in me 
Holy Spirit, guide my speaking 
Words of grace and truth abound 
Let my lips be filled with stories 
Of the mercy that I've found 
   You’re the light, You’re my path 
   You’re the shepherd of my soul 
   All I am, all I have 
   Holy Spirit, lead me on 
Holy Spirit, guide my hearing 
Wake my ears to words You speak 
In the thunder, in the stillness 
Let Your voice be clear to me 
Holy Spirit, lead me onward 
Walking through the great unknown 
Trusting, leaning, holding, clinging 
Till the day You lead me home



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