Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/25

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No doubt about it, Lord:
my heart's sometimes a harbor
where bitter thoughts float freely
over waters green with envy,
harsh judgments tied up at the dock... 
A cold cove it is, Lord,
craving a warm onshore breeze,
a sea change of your grace...
Rescue me, Lord, from this lost lagoon
and unload my heart's hold
of words and wishes stored for spite:
fill me with a cargo of kindness
such as I might seek from others...
Sweeten the stale waters I sail:
rise with the sun o'er my soul's bow
and with the dawn's light
cleanse and heal me...

I trust you, Captain of my soul,
and pray you'll sail me safely home:
harbor me in your heart, Lord,
the only port for which my sails are set...



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