NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 4/15

Well, Lord,
it's the end of a chilly, rainy-splashed April day
- with a chance of snow tomorrow -
just after spring (such a flirt!) has teased us
with budding trees and warm afternoons... 

I'm pining for springtime, Lord,
a season of sunlight warming my bare arms
and longer days whispering softly, hinting,
even promising, June, July and August,
yet to come...

But for tonight I'll don a sweater
and find the warmth I seek in prayer,
unpacking this day's worries,
laying out tomorrow's hopes,
resting at your side, 
entrusting to your care, Lord,
my family and my friends
and all who need your healing and your grace,
your mercy and compassion,
your strength and consolation...

Had I a fireplace, Lord, I'd kindle it tonight,
"one last fire for the season,"
but since I don't, I pray your flame of love
will keep me through the night,
as I keep watch with you, awake and asleep 
until your light and peace return
and a new day dawns tomorrow...

Tonight: some fireplace instrumental music
    and a hearth to sit by and pray...
Suggestion: "light the fire" before starting the music 
    and then enlarge the fire to full screen... 
Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings





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