NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 4/13

On a walk this afternoon, Lord,
I came across these beauties 
preparing for their spring debut
and I thought...

These tulips have been quarantined since fall:
out of circulation, masked by frozen earth,
keeping proper social distance, awaiting the vaccine 
that only spring can bring:
   sunshine, warmth and rain 
   and the thaw that raises up new life
   where wintry death had cast its spell
   and stilled for months such beauty's growth...

Now, our quarantine is showing signs of spring
and for that I'm more than grateful
- but teach us, Lord, teach us the patience 
of daffodils, jonquils and tulips;
render us as yielding as dogwood 
   waiting quietly to flower,
as forsythia holding its breath 
   before breaking forth in yellow-golden praise 
      of you and of this season
when you tease us and invite us
   to be born again in grace
     as though we've wakened from the dead...

Make us patient, Lord,
with the seasons as they change,
with you and with your ways,
and with healing of our world
that waits the touch of your hand
in the spring time of this year...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Hymn of Promise by Nancy Allen
In the bulb, there is a flower 
In the seed, an apple tree 
In cocoons, a hidden promise 
Butterflies will soon be free 
In the cold and snow of winter 
There's a spring that waits to be 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
There's a song in every silence 
Seeking word and melody 
There's a dawn in every darkness 
Bringing hope to you and me 
From the past will come the future 
What it holds, a mystery 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 
In our end is our beginning 
In our time, infinity 
In our doubt, there is believing 
In our life, eternity
In our death, a resurrection 
At the last, a victory 
Unrevealed until its season 
Something God alone can see 

    Photo by CP










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