Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/13

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Lord, I know you never change:
you are ever the same,
yesterday, today and tomorrow:
   your love is everlasting,
   your Word eternal,
   your Spirit all knowing,
   your wisdom perfect,
   your grace all-powerful
   your mercy infinite...

And yet you, 
   Creator of heaven and earth
   Maker of all things visible and invisible,
you, Lord, you choose
to care for me, love me,
befriend me, walk with me, 
speak to me, lead me, guide me, 
inspire me, call me, wait for me,
serve me, strengthen me, defend me, 
suffer for me, lay down your life for me,
heal me, mend me, forgive me
and promise me the gift of life, forever with you,
in peace and joy that have no end...
Indeed, you never change, Lord:
you're ever the same,
yesterday, today and tomorrow:
And me, Lord? Me?
Oh, I change a lot. 
I change all the time
and I don't always change for the better!
Or maybe it's more like...
I don't change much at all, Lord,
and there are plenty of changes 
I know I need to make!
At first glance, Lord,
you and I might seem an odd match
- but not at all!
Your abiding, enduring
immutable, faithful love 
is exactly what my fickle, erratic, 
sometimes capricious and often mecurial 
self and spirit need
- and without which I'd be lost...

So, here's my prayer, Lord...
Make your changeless love
the still point
in my ever changing world,
ever drawing me to you,
into your everlasting peace,
inspiring me to change 
all that tempts me, all that keeps me
from your never-changing love...


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