Monday Morning Offering: 5/3

       Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
I'm thinking of a line from Carousel:
"April cried and stepped aside
   and along come pretty little May..."
I can't believe it - but I'm thrilled to know:
we're one month closer to summer!

My friends expecting a child,
the gift of new life born of their love,
end nine months of waiting this May...

Another friend counts now in single digits
the months 'til he walks from his prison cell,
a free man at last, come this fall...
I'm a month closer to a flight to Denver,
sometime this summer,
and retirement come next spring...

And we're all that much closer:
to another candle on the birthday cake;
to the fourth of July and Christmas Eve;
to what's in our future, our ambitions and dreams
and whatever it is we may dread or fear...
We stand on this side of yesterday, Lord,
biding our time for what's yet to be,
watching and waiting as time goes by
'til tomorrow arrives in mystery and grace...

I offer our anticipation, Lord,
our impatience and expectancy,
our apprehension and our hope,
our excitement and anxiety,
our reluctance and our longing
for all that's yet to be...

Be with us in it all, Lord,
be with us through it all
until finally comes the day
when all our waiting's done
and the only day that's left
is the day that has no end,
the day we pray we'll spend with you
forever, in your peace...



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