NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 5/2

(On Sundays, Night Prayer takes its inspiration from
an element of that day's mass. Tonight we'll pray with
Liam Lawton's song, I Will Be the Vine.)
So much beauty, Lord, 
in the lyrics and music of today's Communion song:
    you, the vine and we, the branches;
    you living in us, we living in you - forever; 
    asking and receiving;
    loving and giving, loving in giving all... 
But the words that stay with me, Lord,
speak the promise in the refrain:
      you offer us many chances...
What would I do, Lord,
how would I make it
what hope would be mine
apart from the many chances,
the second, third, fourth, fifth, 
you offer me over and over again?

How would I survive 
apart from your grace washing me clean,
giving me a new start, a new beginning,
inviting me to try and try and try again?

Truth be told, Lord, 
I live my life from day to day
making my way from yesterday to tomrrow,
all on the many chances you offer me:
chances to repent and change,
chances to begin to live again
according to your word and our grace
wherever your Spirit might lead me...

Even when I, the branch, 
fall from you, my Vine,
you give me another chance, Lord:
you graft me back to yourself, connecting me
to your touch, your life, your love...

Remain in me, Lord,
and help me do your will,
that I might remain in you
and have the life you promise...
Protect me, Lord, when I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

(Two songs this evening: the Communion hymn
from today's Mass followed by  an orchestral 
version of the same beautiful song.)

I Will Be the Vine by Liam Lawton

I will be the vine and you will be the branches. 
All you who live in me will never, never die.
I will be the sign, I will offer many chances;
So live, oh live in me and you shall have new life. 
Remain in me as I remain in you.
You may ask what you will,
Ask what you will, and you shall receive.
As the Father loved me, so have I loved you.
Remain in my love, remain in my love,
And I will give you life. 
If you are my friends, you will live my commands.
There is no greater love, no greater love
Than to lay down your life for your friends.
I Will Be The Vine (Orchestral) by Liam Lawton




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