Thank you for this beautiful day, Lord,
and for your healing touch 
on my bare skin...

I know you, Lord,
I believe in you,
I trust in your presence by my side,
I hear your voice in the scriptures,
I sometimes hear you whisper 
in the quiet of my prayer...

But when I feel your touch
upon my head, my brow, my face, my arms and legs, 
when I feel your warmth enveloping my body 
when you touch my skin 
you touch my heart, my hope, my faith 
that you're truly present to my body and my soul, 
in my mind and in my thoughts, 
head to toe, inside out, 
in the whole of who I am...

Thank you for this day, Lord
and for your healing touch
on my bare skin...

As the sun sets and this day ends,
stay with me, Lord,  as I lie awake
and watch over me through the night,
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Tonight's song comes with a video of beautiful, natural images.
(To follow the lyrics, be sure to move your cursor off the video.)


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