Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 5/12

We spend a good deal of our time waiting, hoping and praying.
We wait for news and pray it will be good. 
We hope for healing and pray it will come soon.
We pray for answers and to understand them when they come.
Here's a prayer for those who wait and hope and pray...  
   Sometimes it seems you leave us hanging, Lord:
   between tomorrow and today,  
   the known and all that's unknown, 
   between our fears and all our dreams
   but there lies a simple truth
   between now and what's to be:
   all is in your hands, Lord,
   all is in your hands
   while our hands fold 
   and hold in prayer the hope
   you're leading us from tears and fears
   to peace, O Lord, 
   the peace for which we long
   and if peace be slow in coming
   help us fold our hands in yours
   and hold your strength as ours
   'til your plan for us unfolds and
   you hold us in your arms
   in that peace
   for which we wait and hope and pray...

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