Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/13

Sometimes I'll see someone, Lord,
(could be a stranger passing on the street)
and I wonder about that person's story:
how did it open? where is it going? when will it end?

Each of us has a story, Lord:
   a story to live, a story to tell, a story to share...

Or each of us is a walking novel, Lord:
   nonfiction, laced with myth,
   numbered chapters, multiple characters,
   subtexts and clues, a developing plot,
   a beginning, a middle, an end...

Each of us is a novel, Lord:
   a book to be written, read and enjoyed...

Or each of us is a film, Lord:
   variously drama, romance or comedy;
   sometimes fantasy, action or mystery,
   adventure, biblical or indie;
   each with a setup, midpoint and resolution...

Each of us is a film, Lord:
    in production, in need of editing, seeking release...

Or each of us stars in a small screen series, Lord,
   with seasons, repeats and holiday specials;
   dream sequences, flashbacks and cliff hangers;
   pilots, episodes and finales...
Each of us stars in a series, Lord,
   and rehearsals are over - we're filming now...
I'm a story, a novel, a film and a series...

Write my story with gentle care, Lord,
    a tale whose telling brings others joy... 
Let my novel invite all who read me
    to share in the life it's my privilege to lead...

Creatively produce and direct my film
   with production values revealing your grace...
Let my series run long, Lord, fresh every season,
    its story line ending only in you... 
Inspire and author the story that's mine:
   let my character's role play out as you will,
   revealing the message you wrote me to bring
   to the page, to the screen, to my world...




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