Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/27

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The church year always begins with the First Sunday of Advent,
this year on Sunday, November 28.  Each "year of grace" presents
and celebrates the mystery of Jesus, beginning with his birth at
Christmas and the season of Advent to prepare for that feast.  So,
today is the day of the Year of Grace 2021 and tomorrow begins 
the Year of Grace 2022...

Advent begins a new "year of grace,"
another year, Lord,
when you'll do everything you can
    to turn my head,
    catch my eye
    have my ear,
    shape my thoughts, 
    illumine my imagination,
    direct my attention,
    and take my hand,
    to lead and guide me
    closer to you, 
    to your Word,
    to your will
    and to your love...

A year of grace...

Where will you lead me, Lord?

In what direction will you guide me,
    in this new year?

What challenges
    lie before me?

What graces will there be,
    poured from your heart and hand into mine,
to help me face those challenges,
    and my fears and difficulties?

How will your grace help me, Lord:
    to do what I think I cannot do?
    to deal with what I'm afraid to face?
    to accept the things I cannot change?
    to love my neighbor as myself?
    to love what is good and do what is just?
    to endure what I think I won't survive?
    to achieve what I think beyond is my reach?

A new year of grace...

Lord, how will your grace amaze me
    in the year ahead?

A new year of grace:
    may it be a graceful year, Lord...

May it be a year when your grace:
    makes lighter my burdens,
    steadier my step,
    more confident my hope,
    wiser my decisions,
    more trusting my faith,
    stronger my choices,
    deeper my love,
    and closer my heart
    to yours, Lord...

Fill me with your grace, Lord,
    your wonderful, healing, saving, amazing grace
in this new year of grace,
    the year that lies before me...





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