Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 11/21

Today, Lord,
we honor you as King,
a title you never asked for
or wanted...

There are so many things, Lord, ruling our lives
and some of them are, well, much less than royal:  
    greed and envy,
    hate and pride,
    selfishness and spite,
    lust and laziness,
    prejudice and fear...

The list of our sovereigns is long, Lord,
and often we're blind to the power they wield
    on our thoughts and desires,
    our decisions and choices,
    our hearts and our lives...

So, rule with your love in our lives, Lord,
    rule with your word of peace,
    rule with your law of love
    and rule with the mercy that crowns your heart...

Let your rule over us be
    gentle and strong,
    consoling and firm,
    forgiving and challenging,
    joyful and wise...

Rule in our hearts, Lord,
reign in our lives
and crown us, your own,
with your glory...






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