Monday Morning Offering: 12/6

         Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Still nearly three weeks 'til Christmas, Lord,
but everywhere you look
    halls are decked, gifts bought, bows tied,
    trees decorated, bells jingled,
    cards sent and lights lit…

Brass quintets, harking to herald angels,
muted Advent’s hope and spirit long before 
O Come, O Come Emmanuel 
was heard at mass on Sundays...
If not at the mall, if not in the stores,
if not on the streets, if not online
- then at least in my heart, Lord:

    Let this be a season
    when I pause and wonder
    at Mary’s child, 
    born to save so many, so many years ago...
    Let this be a season 
    when I wait for you who've come already,
    come and claimed a place,
    your home, within my heart...
    Let this be a season 
    when in faith I wait, 
    watching for your coming once again
    when all my days are done
    and the waiting is no more...
Until then, Lord…

As I do my Christmas shopping, 
help me buy whatever's needed
- not for those who give to me -
but for those who have so little,
who are poor as once were you, 
in a stable, in a feed box,
in the streets of Bethlehem…

Help me decorate my days
with garlands of real kindness:
let my good deeds be as ornaments 
sparkling on the branches 
of my friends' and neighbors’ lives…

Let my eyes shine bright as candles 
in the windows of my soul,
with light to welcome all
into my home and to my heart...
Make my greetings truly joyful
not just in Christmas cards
but in all the words I speak to those
to whom I’ve peace to offer - and to make…

Prepare me
to celebrate your birthday, Lord,
your holy advent, 
your coming on that Christmas night
so very long ago…

Prepare me
for when you come again:
the advent of your reign of peace 
upon my heart, upon the world...

I offer you my Advent heart, Lord:
may its prayer sustain me all day long
and through the weeks ahead
until with all the world we sing again
glad tidings of your birth!






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