NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 12/6

Oh, for the grace, Lord,
    to see myself as you see me...
To see myself not as I wish I were
    but as the person you created and intended me to be...
To see myself not in the worst possible light
    but rather in the glow of your kindness and mercy...
To see myself with your clear vision,
    not through the filter of my poor self-esteem...

To see myself in the strength you've given me,
    not through envy of gifts that others have...

To see myself not as a failure or a loser
    but always as your unfinished work in progress...

To see myself as a sinner - yes -
    but one forgiven, saved, redeemed...

To see myself as your beloved
    for your beloved is who I am...

Open my eyes, Lord,
to see the world, my neighbor and myself as you do:
    with clarity and insight,
    with wisdom and understanding,
    with kindness and compassion,
    with mercy, grace and love...
You see only the truth of all that is, Lord,
    and yet you love and forgive
    my wandering mind, my stumbling efforts,
    my wayward heart and my selfish ways...
Help me see as you do, Lord, that I might see
    your image in my being,
    your seal upon my heart
    and the imprint of your mercy on my soul...
Protect me, Lord while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

God Sees You by Lara Martin
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God sees you
He knows where you are
You are not forgotten
God knows you
He chose you
You're spoken of in heaven
Only God, Only God can see inside every human heart
Only God really knows you
God made you
He loves you as you are
You are not just a face in a crowd
God hears you
He's near you
And He's closer than you think
Only God, 
Only God can see
Inside every human heart
Only God really knows you
Only God truly understands the issues of the heart
Only God, Only God
You are God's masterpiece
When will you realize that it's true
There is a God who cares
A God who loves
A God who sees
God hears you
He's near you
And He's closer than you think




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