NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 12/8

Having good memories 
isn't something new for me, Lord,
but having the inclination and the time
to sort through them, 
like turning the pages of a photo album,
well, that's a relatively new-found pleasure...
I've made a list of the addresses 
of all the places where I have lived and as I did, 
faces and stories floated to the surface,
unlocked from diaries hidden in my heart 
and smiles and tears blessed my face
as I recalled the joys and sorrows 
that have shaped my life and settled
in the corners of my soul...

And woven through it all, Lord, 
are my memories of you 
and how you've been with me 
through thick and thin, night and day, 
in good times and in bad,
of how you've never left my side
or even for a moment blinked
in your ever-faithful vigil
over all I am and all I do...

Each of my memories, Lord, 
a unique and precious souvenir
    of times past - but with me yet,
    of love found - and lost and found again,
    of prayer - struggling, confident and desperate,
    of friendships - lasting, loyal, sometimes sadly lost, 
    of work -with it's successes and its failures,
    of dreams - both realized and unfulfilled...
My memories tell a story, Lord, 
the story of my life, your gift to me,
and how I've spent my life,
my time, my love, my energy
in gratitude for all I have
and for the glory of your name...

Protect me, Lord while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

God Remembers by Marty Haugen
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God remembers pain
nail by nail, thorn by thorn,
hunger, thirst and muscles torn.
Time may dull our grief
and heal our lesser wounds
but in eternal love yesterday is now
and pain is in the heart of God.

God remembers joy
touch of love, taste of food
all our senses know is good.
Love and life flow by
and precious days are gone
but in eternal love every day is now
and joy is in the heart of God.

God remembers us
all we were, all we are
lives within our Lover's care.
Time may dull our minds
and death will take us all
but in eternal love every life is now:
our life is hid with Christ in God.




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