Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 12/10

It's that time of year, Lord, 
when we do the things we always do
in the ways we've always done them:
    we shop for gifts,
    send out cards,
    string lights in our yards,
    put up a tree,
    deck the halls,
    set up the creche,
    sing the old carols,
    hang wreaths on our doors,
    kiss under mistletoe,
    fill up our stockings,
    write letters to Santa,
    spike the eggnog
    and wait for it all to be over... 

But Christmas is all about
    something different, something new,
    mercy in - old grudges out, 
    a peasant king now rules creation,
    all things changing, transformation,
    incarnation, God-with-us 
    for our salvation...
This Christmas, Lord, draw me
beyond the customs and traditions
(though good and cheerful they may be)
draw me to something different, something new, 
something changing, something leading me 
to be transformed by grace into a child of your love, 
blessed with hope that in your birth
all things shall be new
and all things shall be well...

This Christmas, Lord, 
    change my old ways, change my soul,
    change the way I live my life, 
    transform my thoughts, ideas and dreams,
    expand my heart to serve the poor
    make new my hope and trust in you
    until I'm born again - this Christmas,
    change me Lord...






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