NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 12/10

Advent calls us to look ahead, to look beyond
to expect and anticipate, to prepare,
to wait and watch for who will come, 
for what will be uncovered,
unveiled, disclosed, revealed...
And while today's the only day I have,
tomorrow always beckons, Lord,
tempting me to wonder 
where you'll lead me, where we'll go,
who I'll meet, what I'll find,
what challenges will face me,
what consolation soothe me,
what gifts of grace will show me
how you've been and always will be
my Lord, my friend, my love...

You lead me to the morrow
where I discover, day by day,
that you who walk right by my side
draw ever closer from ahead...
You're coming now to meet me,
you're my future without end
and all my days will end in you
who are and always have been
and ever more shall be
my Lord, my love, my friend...

Protect me, Lord while I'm awake
keep vigil while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and sleep, safe in your peace...

God Holds the Future by David Meece
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You haven't rested for days
And you're so wrapped up in worry
That you can't even think

You've done the best you can do
But the answer still evades you
To the problems that you face

God holds the future -- He's got a plan
There's no need to worry, 'cause it's all in His hand
So if you are struggling, with what you should do
God holds the future for you

He'll lead you if you just ask
But you've got to trust His wisdom
And believe in His word
He sees what you cannot see
And He knows and wants the best for you
So it's time that you learned




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