Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/17

     My great-nephew, 9 years ago, at my sister's window

It's almost Christmas, Lord, 
   and children everywhere are filled with excitement
      as visions of  sugar plums dance in their heads...

It's been a long, long while, Lord, 
   since I've dreamed of dancing sugar plums
and too long since childlike faith
   has sparked my longing, my yearning
that wonderful gifts beyond my dreaming
   are coming my way
      from the One who loves me
         with love beyond all telling...
Soon we'll celebrate your coming among us,
   your living within us, 
      your bringing the gifts our hearts truly long for,
         your healing, your blessing, your peace...

Spark my longing for all your gifts, Lord,
   ignite my yearning and deepen my trust
that you're coming to me, to dwell in my heart,
    with mercy beyond my hopes and dreams,
        with love beyond all telling...





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