NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 1/23

On Sundays, Night Prayer will focus on an element from the day's celebration of Mass. Today was "Sunday of the Word of God" in Catholic communities: tonight we reflect on how the Lord speaks his word to us...

There are times, Lord, when all I want to do 
   is to rest in the quiet of your presence,
      in the silence of your peace... 

There are times when your silence tells me
all I need to know of how you love me:
    when your heart speaks to mine 
       in a language without words,
    when words could never tell the love
       that my heart finds in yours...

But then come times when the quiet is a place I fear 
      and your silence is a burden;
then I wonder where you are
   and strain and hunger for a word, just one,
      to let me know you're there...

There are times, Lord, in the silence,
   when my pain and problems ring alarms
and echo ever louder, never fading,
   and I wait and long to hear a word that falls
      from your lips to my ears to bring me peace
         and the quiet my soul thirsts for...

O God, do not be silent
   when I need to hear your voice;
when I wait to hear a word of comfort
   and compassion that consoles me in my grief;
when I need to hear a word of challenge  
    meant to rouse me from self-pity and my sins;
when I try to hear your voice and word
   instruct me in your wisdom, in your ways, 
      and lead me to the silence 
         where my soul finds rest in you...

When my soul hears only noise
   and longs for your clear and gentle voice,
open me to hear the word you speak,
   the word you speak to me
         the word I need to hear...
In the quiet, Lord, 
    let me hear your wordless presence
       and find peace in simply knowing 
            you are near, that you are here, 
                that you're my God...

Do not be silent, Lord,
   but in the silence speak to me...

Speak to me, Lord, 
   that in the silence 

       I might rest within your word...

Don't be silent, Lord,
   but bring me to the silence   
        where I can hear the word you speak...
Speak to me, Lord, speak to me
    that in your word I might find 
           the peace that I have longed for...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

Speak, Lord, I'm Listening by Gary Ault
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