Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 1/23

If I'm dreading the week ahead, Lord,
remind me that you'll be with me
every hour, every minute,
every step along the way
until this week is done
that nothing's going to happen 
this week
that you and I,
cannot handle...
And if the prospect of another week
much like many other weeks,
numbs my spirit, tires my soul
and saps my strength,
remind me, Lord,
how you're always 
finding ways
to kindle hope within me,
warm my weary heart
and get me up and running
once again... 
And if, perhaps, 
in a quiet moment
there comes a glimpse 
of hopeful expectation:
   - ignite that spark, Lord -
and help me face the coming week
(its promise and potential)
as your good gift to me, 
pure grace,
so generously bestowed
from your hands into mine,
in the mystery of your Spirit
who desires naught but peace and calm
to settle in my soul
and help me face 
the week ahead... 





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