Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 1/22

Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey asked the question:


 And now I'm asking the same question
    - with just a little twist:
            What will I make of this weekend, Lord?
Just about half of the weekend belongs to you, Lord,
    at least that's what we say:
             Sunday is the Lord's day...
So, how will I make my Sunday your day?
Will I spend it with you?
What part of the day might I share with you?
How will I pass this day differently
    than Saturday or the other days of the week?
After a busy week, will I finally make some time
    to talk with you? take a walk with you?
        even just to sit in the silence and be with you?

You've been waiting all week 
    to spend some time with me, Lord:
help me this weekend to give at least part of a day,
    part of your day, back to you,
all for you - and for me to be with you 
    in prayer, in peace, in your presence...

What is a weekend?
A time to begin, again, Lord,
    to renew my friendship with you
and to give back to at least part of a day
    in praise of you and all your works...





  1. Today, Jan 22, is a Day of Prayer for the protection of the Unborn. However you do not even mention it in your prayer!
    You didn't fail to note so called insurrection at the Capitol on Jan 6, which was not called for by the USCCB. I am becoming more and more disappointed in you.

  2. Your comment was caught in the moderation cue and I only just saw it today (3/20) - thus the delay in posting it here.


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and PRAY before you think!