Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/11

I'm looking at the day ahead, Lord, 
and praying you'll help me with
    all the things I want to do,
    all the things I need to do,
    all the things I'm afraid to do,
    all the things I'm not sure how to do,
    all the things I must do,
    all the things I put off doing yesterday
        and must get done today...
   and all the things you call me to do...
That's a daunting to-do list, Lord,
    and so I ask for, that's why I need, your help!
I know I won't get it all done today
    so help me know what to do first
        and what can wait for another time...

Give me what I need
    to accomplish the things I find most difficult
        (and not push them off 'til tomorrow)...

And help me, Lord, to know in my heart
    what you would have me do
- and to do it generously and patiently
    with the help of your mercy and grace...
And when I'm not sure what to do next:
    help me do what is right, love what is good
        and walk humbly by your side... 

Help me always, Lord,
    to do the next right thing...




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