Monday Morning Offering: 6/13

Coffee in the Morning

There's a prayer attributed to Ireland's patron saint: The Lorica (Breastplate) of Saint Patrick (c. 337) You might picture Patrick donning his faith as the breastplate in his armor as he faces a new day.   The Lorica comes to mind this Monday after Trinity Sunday because it opens and closes with these words:
                          I arise today
                          through a mighty strength, 
                          the invocation of the Trinity:
                          through a belief in the Threeness,
                          through confession of the Oneness
                          of the Creator of creation.
 After today's morning offering, I've included a musical setting for a large portion of the Lorica, words which would make a fine prayer at the beginning of any and every day!
Good morning, good God!

Like Saint Patrick, Lord,
I want to don the armor of faith, hope and love:
    the breastplate of the Father, Son and Spirit,
    the strength of all the grace you offer me
        to meet the challenge of this day;
    perseverance to carry on
        and move from day to day;
    wisdom to think clearly
        and make good choices and decisions;
    humility, that I might learn
        to put my neighbor's needs before my own;
    purity, to seek what's true, whole and praiseworthy;
    patience, to bear with others kindly;
    generosity,  to give not from my bounty but from my want; 
    and the reverence I owe to you, all creation, 
        to my neighbor and to myself...
I offer you my person, Lord,
my heart and soul, my mind and body,
I offer you my self, Lord:
    arm me with conviction,
    drape me in mercy,
    vest me in virtue,
    garb me in grace,
    equip me with strength and courage,
    clothe me in a generous spirit
    and be my shield against any and all
        who would come between you and me...

I offer you my weak, naked self, Lord:
cover my shame, 
gird me with strength,
clothe me in dignity
and wrap me in your glory,
the robe of my salvation
lest anyone or anything
come between you and me...

The Deer's Cry by Shaun Davey
    performed by Rita Connolly 
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!





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