NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 7/8

The weather report promises a great weekend, Lord,
with beautiful, seasonal, summer days,
ripe for our enjoyment...
But you, Lord,
you by whom all days are made,
    - you who make the sun and rain, 
    the warm and cold, 
    skies cloudy and clear blue -
what weekend pleases you and
what kind of days in your eyes
are in season, filled with beauty,
ready for a fruitful harvest?
Every day I've made is a gift for all my people
    to discover and to share, 
    to use and to enjoy,
    to till, to plant, to harvest,
    to pursue what's just and true,
    to serve your neighbors' needs,
    to play in joy as children do,
    to do the work of making peace,
    and sing with joyful voices
        in thanksgiving for what's yours...

In my eyes, it's a beautiful day, the best of days, 
it's a season ripe for joy each time
    you hear my word with open hearts,
    walk gently on earth's holy ground,
    reach out to those who need your hand,
    share all you have with those without,
    forgive your neighbor's irksome ways,
    stand up with those who stand alone, 
    declare the truth that gives you hope
    and praise my name 
        in grateful song and prayer...
Your answer, Lord,
    is even better than the weather report!
Sunshine or rain, warm or cold, cloudy or clear:
    it's always your season of grace, Lord,
    and every day is beautiful, 
    every day is ripe for joy
    for every day is a day you've made
    and given to us to discover and share,
    to use and enjoy
    for the glory of your name!
Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

We've recently prayed with this song, 
    but I just can't find one better for this evening's prayer!
In His Time by Diane Ball 
If a video does not appear below, click here!




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