Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/9

There's not a moment of any day or night, Lord, 
when you don't have time for me...  
Not even a moment 
when you wouldn't put everything aside 
just to listen to my story, 
to speak to me, heart to heart, 
from your heart, Lord, to mine...

But I'm so often busy, too busy
(or so I think)
to spend some time with you...

On this summer's day, Lord, 
slow me down and give me time 
for nothing else to do but be with you,
to be at peace, to rest and know again for certain 
that you walk right by my side...  
Let summer doldrums lull, calm 
and draw me to a time of prayer, 
a place of peace 
for meeting you again...

I know you have the time
and you'll always make the time 
to be with me, Lord... 
Help me find the time this summer,
help me make the time I need - today -
just to spend some time with you...




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