NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 7/9

There's lots of reasons to want to go on vacation, Lord:
    to get away from home, to get away from work,
    to get away from "them" (whoever they might be!)
    to get away from the busyness, the frenzied pace,
    and the day-to-day, business-as-usual, 
        same-old same-old boredom 
            for something more exciting! 
And then there are other things to "vacate," too,
    - and to get away from these 
        I don't have to move an inch...
* I'd really like a vacation from  all the bad news, Lord:
    reports of conflict and war,
    of tragic, senseless mass shootings,
    of hunger and homelessness,
    of prejudice, violence and hate...
* I'd like a vacation from politics' vapid rhetoric:
    all the empty promises and false hopes,
    the doublespeak and the downright lies
        - on both sides of the aisle, Lord...
* I'd like a vacation from scandal in the church,
    from stories of innocence abused and stolen,
    from coverups protecting institutions,
    from trust violated, vows broken,
    grace cheapened and the gospel betrayed...
* (And more than a vacation from these realities, Lord,
      I pray we'd find the ways to change all these
         with the help of your grace and your strength!) 

I'd like a vacation from the trivial details,
the crazy foolishness and the postured efforts
that rob me of time for thinking and musing, 
imagining, resting, reflecting and praying
and spending time, precious time, 
with the people I most love most...

I'd like a vacation from anything and everything
that keeps me from spending more time with you, 
from drawing closer to you,
from growing stronger in your love and grace, Lord,
becoming more faithful to you and your word...

I'd like a vacation from all the stuff, Lord,
the stuff that means so little 
but fills my days and nights with distractions, 
anxieties, worries and fears...
I'd like a vacation from my own self-importance,
my self-indulgence, my self-deception,
my self-pity and self-interest 
- from my selfishness in general!

I'd like a vacation, Lord, where I might let go
what burdens and shackles my mind and my thoughts,
what confuses and stunts my growing in wisdom,
what curbs and impedes the path of my heart's desire...

I'd like a vacation, Lord, 
    with you as my companion,
    your wisdom my map,
    your word my guide
    and your peace my refreshment along the way...
I don't have to go very far, Lord, 
    to take a vacation like this
so help me find a time and place 
    where your presence is my sunshine 
    your peace my cooling shade,
    and your grace my rest, my joy...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

I'm always thrilled to find an artist and a song
    that's new to me - and perhaps to you, too! 

Vacation by David Dunn
(If a video below doesn't appear, click here!)




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