I love all the little things others do
to lighten my load and brighten my day
but I often miss, I overlook, 
all the small things, Lord, that you do for me
in the course of my day-to-day...
While I await for your dramatic intervention
in the story of my humble life,
I miss each day the scores of ways you:
    whisper your word in my heart,
    open my eyes to beauty,
    lead my mind to truth,
    invite me to walk by your side,
    open my ears to music
    lift me up when I have fallen,
    give me a second chance, 
    guide me when I'm lost,
    touch my grief with joy,
    catch me when I'm falling,
    mend my broken parts,
    spark my will to move on,
    shine your light on my darkened path
    help me find reason to hope
    nudge me when I'm really stuck,
    give me good cause to smile,
    steady my faltering step,
    calm me in my fear,
    give me a second wind,
    share a bit of your wisdom,
    heal me with your mercy,
    comfort me in sadness,
    lead me to trust in your love,
    counsel me when I'm confused,
and a hundred more little things, Lord,
    more than I could possibly count... 
Open my senses to know you, Lord,
in sound, touch, aroma, taste and sight,
in all the small ways you fill my day
with your presence,
your peace
and your promise...

And help me find joy
in the little things, Lord,
that I might do for others...





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