NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 7/25

I was watching a foreign film, Lord, 
when the thought crossed my mind
    - you never have need of subtitles...
You're fluent in every language there is,
no dialect is beyond your ken,
no jargon or idiom trips you up,
no regional accent confuses your ear, 
all of it's in your vernacular,
every human tongue is native to you...

And the same holds true in the animal world
for each noise and sound heard there:
    every hoot, howl, growl and grunt,
    every bark, bleat, warble and gobble
    every caw, call, whinny and neigh,
    every moo, meow, bellow and bray,
    every cackle, cluck, squeak and squeal,
    every hiss, honk, hum and buzz, 
yes, every last sound, Lord, a word from them,
    calling on you, their Maker, in prayer...
And then there's me, Lord!
You understand every sound I utter,
    every word, phrase, sigh or cry,
    every moan, groan, laugh and giggle,
    all my open weeping and silent tears 
    my long harangues and my silence, too...

You understand the prayer in my heart
even in times when I don't understand
what I want or need to pray for...

You hear my voice when it's silent, Lord,
when I've no words to speak,
no songs to sing, no sounds to make...  

You have no need for subtitles, Lord, to understand:
    the words I speak,
    my heart's expression,
    my emotions' inflection,
    my clumsy rhetoric,
    my soul's stumbling diction
    or my silence when that's all there is...
You have no need for subtitles, Lord,
because you hear and know, 
you intuit and understand,
you really get
every word I speak
and everything I want and mean to say
even when words fail to come to mind,
to my heart and to my lips...
For always listening, for always hearing
and for always understanding me,
I praise and thank you, Lord...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...
Hear My Prayer by Moses Hogan
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!
O Lord, please hear my prayer; 
In the morning when I rise.
---It's your servant bound for glory. 
O dear Lord, please hear my prayer.

O Lord, please hear my prayer. 
Keep me safe within your arms.
---It's your servant bound for glory. 
O dear Lord, please hear my prayer.
When my work on earth is done, 
And you come to take me home.
---Just to know I'm bound for glory; 
And to hear You say, "Well done!"
Done with sin and sorrow. 
Have mercy. Mercy. 




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