NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 7/5

And now, Lord, we add Highland Park 
    to our list of national nightmares...
You, Lord
    - were the only one who saw him...
You were the only one who saw him
    climb a ladder up to a rooftop,
    toting his high-powered weapon...

You were the only one who saw him 
    take aim and fire and fire and fire
    on families gathered to watch a parade...

You were the only one who saw him
    shoot 70 rounds, kill 7 people
    and injure 30 more...
You were the only one who saw, Lord
    - but I'm not blaming you -
because I know what we ourselves have seen,
    time and time again...

We've seen the clues that gave us pause,
    the red flags and the warning signs;
we've seen the isolated brooding
    of a loner with few friends;
we've seen the posts on social media
    the videos on YouTube;
we've seen the rush to buy a weapon
    once the 18th candle's lit...

And that's not all we've seen, Lord...

We've seen how contributions flow
    to pols who pledge the status quo;
we've seen how Congress fails to act
    on what cries out to be addressed;
we've seen our nation stunned and stalled
    by stories tragic and heartbreaking...
We've seen a lot, Lord,
    in fact, we've seen too much
and though we cannot unsee
    what our eyes and hearts have witnessed,
we've yet to find the will or way
    to confront this recurring horror,
    to stop the carnage,
    to heal sick and savage souls,
    to put an end to violence
        as our form of entertainment
    and to make laws respectful of rights,
    especially the right to live and move freely
        where we work, study, pray, shop and play
        in the normal course of our daily lives...

Give us wisdom, Lord, to see what you see,
    to see as you see, to judge as you judge,
        to love as you love and to live together in peace...
Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Save us, O Lord, 
    save us from ourselves...
Save Us, O Lord by Bob Dufford, SJ
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Save us O Lord, carry us back, 
Rouse Your Power and come. 
Rescue Your people; Show us Your face. 
Bring us back 
O Shepherd of Israel hear us, 
Return and we shall be saved. 
Arise , O Lord; Hear our cries, O Lord. 
Bring us back. 
How long will You hide from Your people? 
We long to see Your face. 
Give ear to us, Draw near to us, 
Lord God of hosts! 
Turn again: care for Your vine; 
Protect what Your right hand has planted. 
Your vineyards are trampled, Uprooted and burned, 
Come to us Father of light.





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