NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 7/6

Tomorrow's the 94th anniversary
    of the invention of sliced bread!

                       The first bread-slicing machine

 We've named so many innovations
    the best thing since sliced bread 
so I wonder, Lord: what was the best thing 
    before sliced bread?
Was pre-sliced, packaged bread 
    an improvement, truly better,
than the simple the joy of breaking bread
   with family, friends and strangers,
all becoming one 
    through our sharing in one loaf?

Pre-sliced is neat and uniform
but breaking bread - now, that's an art:
    the cradling of a loaf, still warm,
        in gentle, grateful hands;
    the cracking of the crust to vent
        a yeasty, rich aroma;
    the breaking into pieces
        for the sharing of the whole;
    the quiet, sweet communion
        of our souls all fed as one...
Better, then, than sliced bread, Lord 
    - better any day -
        is the gift of breaking bread...
    Breaking the bread of forgiveness
        to hasten the healing of hearts and minds...
    Breaking the bread of soup kitchen suppers
        to feed the Lord in our hungry neighbors...

    Breaking the bread of compassion
        to include the forgotten, abandoned and lost...
    Breaking the bread of scripture
        to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God...

    Breaking the bread of justice
        to right the harm and wrong we've done...

    Breaking the bread of friendship
        to relieve the burdens of heavy hearts...

    Breaking the bread of joy
        to lift our spirits and give you praise...

    Breaking the bread of faith
        to share what we hope, trust and believe...
    Breaking the bread of your Supper, Lord,
        to be gathered as one in your peace...

Protect us, Lord while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Breaking Bread by Johnny Cash
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!
Breaking bread, breaking bread
We are gathered here together to break bread
Breaking bread, breaking bread
We are gathered here together to break bread
It's not the barley or the wheat
It's not the oven or the heat
That makes this bread so good to eat
It's the needing and the sharing that makes the meal complete
Upon the water bread is cast
The last is first, the first is last
For everyone who eats this bread
There are thousands maybe more that will be fed




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