Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/15

Not a day goes by, Lord, 
that you don't
    stir in my soul,
    whisper your love,
    call me to prayer,
    drop helpful hints,
    get in my face,
    open my heart,
    ease my anxiety,
    clarify my thoughts,
    forgive my sins,
    offer me peace,
    calm my fears,
    unmask my pride,
    call me to task, 
    heal my soul,
    humble my ego,
    lighten my load,
    show me the truth,
and walk by my side, wherever I go,  
    keeping watch as I sleep through the night...
Sounds like you're all set for the day ahead, Lord:
keep me faithful to your presence
and to all the ways you're waiting to bless me today...




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